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Achieve weekly income using high-probability option trades.

2021 – Model Portfolio Results


% Winning Trades*


$ Gain*


% Return*

*In the TT4P Model Portfolio, only $15,000 of the original $30,000 balance is invested for weekly trades. The remaining $15,000 and any additional profits remain safe in a cash position. Trade investment returns to cash at the end of each week, allowing the same $15,000 to be utilized again the following week. Occasionally, trades may be extended beyond the 1-week goal. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Options, including the strategies covered by our signals, are risky and could result in a loss of principal. Options are not suitable for all investors. Please read: Characteristics and risks of standardized options: https://www.theocc.com/Company-Information/Documents-and-Archives/Options-Disclosure-Document before you invest in options. Rate of return excludes commissions and fees because these vary from broker to broker. Rate of return excludes subscription fee. In general, all fees will lower your rate of return. Published trade signals are not investment recommendations. Testimonials may not necessarily reflect the experience of all subscribers.

Could you use additional money every week?

Simplified investing for everyone... and we do the work!

Welcome to the weekly income trade publishing services from TradeTool4Profit. Leveraging the power of weekly options are an excellent way to profit on short-term stock market movement. The goal is to enter trades on Monday each week and exit the trades by the end of the week.

HOW DOES TradeTool4Profit WORK?

Three Easy Steps to Cash Flow

1. We select the trades

At the start of each week, our team does the analysis and research and then we select up to 3 trades. The goal before publishing any trade is that we only select trades that have at least an 85% or higher probability of succeeding.

2. We send the trades to you

You will be notified every time we enter, close, or adjust a trade. Notifications are sent directly to your desktop and mobile devices. Opening trades are always published on Monday between 12noon and 1pm Eastern. This way, you know when to expect and immediately execute the published trades.

3. You execute the trades

Using our power-trading tool, you are now just a few clicks away from executing the trades directly into your own brokerage account. Closing and adjustment trades are always published on Friday between 12noon and 1pm Eastern. Again, this provides you a window to immediately execute the published trades.

What is the goal of each trade?

In this example, each of the red or green bars represent 1 day of trading….5 bars is 5 days. TradeTool4Profit trades normally last 4 to 5 days.

Trading in a “range of prices” allows for the markets to move 3 directions during the trade: up, down or sideways and still make a profit!

As the picture highlights in this example, the goal is to have the price movement stay in between the prices displayed by the purple lines during the life of the trade.

Take TradeTool4Profit With You Anywhere

On the go? We make following our published trades easy for you. We have native apps for iPhone and android phones as well as iPad and android tablets. You will have tool access to trade anywhere you have an internet connection!