Mission Statement

To generate income for you every week.

Scott Martin

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Martin spent 25 years working for a Fortune 500 Company leaving an executive position in 2005 to trade and teach both stock and option investing. He has produced and delivered LIVE investing seminars to thousands of people both in and outside of the United States.

In his public speaking career, he has presented for or represented CNBC, Business Week, Get Motivated Seminars, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran and TD Ameritrade. He has also been a guest speaker for the MoneyShow and International Trader’s Expo. Scott formerly led business development for TD Ameritrade’s education division.

TradeTool4Profit uses the same proven methods, research and probabilities that Scott would teach in his seminars. While there is risk in every trade, Scott believes that defining your risk prior to executing a trade is the determining factor to establish consistent, high probability results for a lifetime.

“After every class, students would line up and ask me – ‘Can’t you just do these trades for me?’ Well, TradeTool4Profit is our vehicle to publish the very same diversified and risk-managed trades that we find every week.”

Ron Couturier

Executive Vice President

Ron has over 15 years of experience as a student of the stock market as well as an education counselor and event manager for such noteworthy firms as TD Ameritrade/Investools, the Online Training Academy and Interactive Trader.  In addition, Ron is an entrepreneur having successfully founded two different businesses prior to joining Scott Martin with the formation of TradeTool4Profit.com.  Ron’s background includes sales and marketing, strategic planning and business development in a variety of industries.

As Founder and President of CR Master, Inc., Ron developed an innovative approach to strategic new channel development and brand awareness within the financial services industry working with American Express, MetLife, Prudential and BBVA to establish and build their fee-based financial planning channels.  Ron was a founding principal at Sports Training and Entertainment Products and directed the creation of a patented basketball entertainment product (In The Zone).  Ron’s corporate career includes senior management positions with British Petroleum, Standard Oil of Ohio and Owens-Illinois corporations specializing in information technology, business process reengineering.

Ron holds an Executive MBA from the Whittemore School of Business, University of New Hampshire and a B.B.A. from the University of Toledo.  Ron is a partner and coach in a joint venture providing leadership consulting and executive coaching and has received a Distinguished Leadership Award for outstanding consulting service.

Paul Roden

Director of Operations

Paul Roden started investing in the stock market in 1990. “Everybody tells you how to buy stocks. No one tells you what to do when things go wrong.”  Following successful ventures in real estate and the financial industry, Paul sold a business and found himself back at square one, investing in the stock market. Paul studied stock and options trading and went to work for one of the largest brokerages in the nation. Paul has been successfully trading the same advanced strategies used by TT4P for over 20 years.

“I’m all about multiple streams of income. I’ve owned rent houses, commercial businesses…but what it really comes down to is the highest and best return on your money.  Options trading allows me to create weekly income regardless of market direction, and, hands-down, produces a better return on capital than any real estate or business investment that I’ve ever made.”

Paul is a former licensed broker. He is a PA, Paramedic, author, instructor, and entrepreneur. He holds a BA degree from Texas Tech University, an MS degree from Harding University and has been married to his best friend and business partner, Kate, for 30 years.

Kate Roden

Director of Operations

Kate Roden is an entrepreneur, investor and former business owner who has been investing in stocks and options for over 20 years. “Twenty years ago, my husband, Paul, came to me and said he wanted to put all our money in the stock market. I really had no interest in the market but wanted to understand what he was going to do with all our money.” Ironically, Kate found herself intrigued and learned how to trade stocks and options in her own account. “Statistically, women outlive their husbands and I think it’s important for a woman to know how to take care of herself financially.”  Kate went on to become an education consultant for a major US brokerage, consulting with and coaching thousands of self-directed investors.

Kate trades complex option strategies to create consistent weekly income while minimizing risk.  “The beautiful thing about TT4P is that it allows people with no knowledge of investing to create consistent weekly income using the same high-probability strategies that I’ve been using for years.” 

Rance Masheck


Rance has over 3 decades of trading experience and has taught tens of thousands of people with an emphasis on options, hedging, institutional tactics and repair strategies.   Rance is the Former Director of Options at TD Ameritrade.  Rance never loses his connection to traders who are looking for new opportunities to improve their user experience and serves as an Advisor to education providers.

Rance is a graduate of Ohio State University, where he studied Electrical Engineering.